1824 Foundation of a smithy and workshop for the repairing of mail coaches
1840 Design and construction of private and postal state-coaches
1851 Fabrication of railway wagons and their spare parts
1895 Fabrication of cranes for transportation purposes
1900 Steel-framed building construction, material handling systems, hydromechanical equipment
1948 Reconstruction of the fabrication and restruction into two main product areas, Design and construction of machinery, cranes, points and turntables. Design and construction of steel-framed building construction, steel bridges and hydromechanical equipment
1968 The first Straddle Carrier has been built under the brand "Peiner"
1973 Start trading under the name: Noell GmbH
1986 The main business areas of Noell are: Environmental technologies - hydromechanical - material handling technologies - nuclear technologies
1992 Noell launches the first Straddle Carrier with "Hydrostatic Drive"
1995 Forming of a joint venture in China with the China Merchants Group
2000 Fantuzzi Group acquires Noell Crane Systems GmbH
2001 Noell´s first “Diesel-Electric Drive” Straddle Carrier has been built
2004 Noell Mobile Systems & Cranes GmbH became an independent company in order to focus, strengthen and continue the tradition and strategy solely for the Straddle Carrier manufacturing. Before 2004 Noell Mobile Systems & Cranes GmbH was a division of Noell Crane Systems GmbH
2004 Introduction of CAN-bus control system / CREON
2007 Noell Mobile Systems & Cranes GmbH becomes Noell Mobile Systems GmbH
2008 Noell Mobile Systems GmbH is building its 2000th Straddle Carrier
2009 Terex Corporation aquires Noell Mobile Systems GmbH
2012 Noell Mobile Systems (NMS) and Noell Crane Systems (NCS) became part of Terex devision Port Solutions
2015 Noell Mobile Systems and Noell Crane Systems do business under the name of Terex MHPS GmbH