Your individual refurbishment package

We will compose your individual refurbishment package selected from the following menu of supplies and activities

  • Inspection and repair of steel construction, application of new painting
  • Inspection and overhaul or replacement of motors, gearboxes, couplings, brakes and other machinery components
  • Replacement of electrical equipment
  • Replacement of overload protection
  • Replacement or refurbishment of operator's cabin

The following activities can complement the refurbishment project

  • Relocation within the port or over seas
  • Modification of span, lifting height
  • Modification of supply voltage
  • Modification of speed and performance data (in accordance with local regulations and the possibilities of the crane structure), etc.

Your advantages at a glance
  • Low Investment: The complete refurbishment of a bulk crane costs no more than 20 - 30% of a new crane
  • Short Delivery: Only a few months after placing the order, your crane is upgraded to latest technology
  • Increased Productivity: Without modifying the performance data of the crane, it will work faster, more precise and more efficient and offers much better ergonomics to the operator
  • Lowering of Operating Expenses: Up-to-date digital converter drives consume substantially less energy than traditional control systems
  • Low Maintenance Expenses: A/C motors and electronics control systems are operated with no wear parts
  • Reduced Down Times: Easy to read electronic diagnoses aids make sure that any troubles are quickly located and remedied
  • Extended Life Time: Due to the reduced dynamic load on the structure, the remaining structural lifetime of the crane is extended

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