1 over 1 Carrier

The Terex Sprinter Carrier is designed for stacking capacity of 1 over 1 containers 96 high.

This carrier is extremely flexible and reaches high travelling speeds.

Extensive studies have proven that the Terex Sprinter Carrier is for many reasons the superior alternative to convential existing equipment like truck-trailer units or AGVs.

The major reason for implementing Sprinter Carriers is the flexibility provided through this concept. Operations with Sprinters open the possibility of interim storage of containers for terminals, where the distances between waterfront, stacking area and warehouses are long. The Sprinter Concept is in addition perfect for terminals, where operations foresee the reloading of containers to other means of transport.

Moreover, it offers all advantages of the Terex Straddle Carrier like low fuel consumption, economic efficiency, low noise level etc.

Noell offers the Sprinter Carrier in diesel-electro and hydraulic version. The Terex Sprinter Carrier is available in 6 and 8 wheeler versions, while Terex is currently developing on the extension of the Terex Sprinter Carrier fleet.

However, Terex is always open to specific inquires from the customer side regarding technical configuration any time.

Terex Sprinter Carrier - 6 wheeler