The Flexibility

NCS Straddlecarrier Typ EToday, manufacturers must make many commitments to provide customers with real value.

Terex MHPS Straddle Carriers have greater value - all of which is focused on giving maximum benefit to customers container terminal operations.

We strive for efficiency, innovation, flexibility, minimization of operational costs, reliability, service and support.

Experience, value, know-how and innovation, advanced drive concepts, combined with the performance of the mobile CAN-bus control system CREON, are formidable examples of how Terex will always be one step ahead.

Almost 40 years since it built its first Straddle Carrier, Terex is still a market leader because of one simple concept: added value, always.

NCS Straddlecarrier Typ HOnly Terex can offer the widest range of Straddle Carrier models, ensuring that we always provide the most suitable machine for any type of container terminal.
Our "work horse" model, NSC H, has proven reliability and durability with millions of operating hours all over the world.
Our most efficient and advanced model on the market is the NSC E.
Whilst there is a large variety from which to choose, all model designs are competitively priced with short delivery times.