Our products are protected by the following US patents and patent applications:

Container transporting systems, linear motor technology

US 5,957,055 (linear motor driven vehicles - for future use)
US 7,318,379 (linear motor driven vehicles- for future use)

Ship-to-shore container cranes

US 7,455,492 (multi-trolley container crane- for future use)
US 7,516,857 (stepless festoon runway - )
US 7,334,693 (biased boom hinge)

Straddle carriers, sprinters, spreaders

US 7,311,172 (steering force simulator - for future use)
US 8,108,090 (automatic steering feature - triple S - stack steering support)
US 7,731,041 (wide strad - twin-40 - for future use)
US 7,983,808 (automatic straddle carrier - for future use)
US 8,079,792 (hydraulic spreader telescoping lock - NES42F, NTS62F)

 (last updated April 7th, 2017)